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Results of the Give Children Life charity event as of DFebruary 10, 2013::
Thanks to efforts of multiple people and organizations, 388 children from all across our Republic received help.(459 operations)
Raised funds and paid surgeries now total USD 2.779.494. The sum does not include donations made straight to parents’ bank accounts. It also does not include surgeries performed by foreign doctors in Kazakhstan.
A deep bow from the kids and their parents goes to all!
List of all children (in Russian)
    26.02.2013    Letter of gratitude from Zhenya Piskunovich’s Family
We would like to express our thanks to everyone, who makes a financial assistance and who is not indifferent to children’s life. Let your family will be full of peace and comfort! Through your assistance, our children have a chance to be healthy and cheerful!
We highly appreciate your hard work! Only people with good open hearts can make such noble cause!

    26.02.2013    Acknowledgment of Medina Allaberdi’s family
Our family wishes to acknowledge the help to our daughter Medina! Because of your support made possible an expensive operation in Israel! Thank you so much for what you are saving the children, and giving them a chance to live a full life. Thanks to your efforts, Israeli doctors returned the sight of our daughter thank to your support, and gave her a future...
    26.02.2013    Appreciation letter of Amanbol Khonatbek’s family
Amanbol’s family expresses its great appreciation to all sponsors for the provided assistance to our son!
As you know through your financial assistance our son has got 2 heart surgeries in the Turkish hospital “Acibadem”. Third surgery was planned to be done in this year. In December our Amanbol was hospitalized through the assistance of the Mercy Volunteer Society, but health check up showed that the second surgery was so successful that the next surgery is required in 1-2 years. The boy recovers and feels himself better every day...
    21.02.2013    Gratitude from mother of Meruyert Nurmanova
I want to express gratitude to Miloserdiye charity foundation that helped to raise money for treatment in the Turkish clinic of Acibadem of my daughter, Nurmanova Meruyert Sagyndykovna. Thank you that you responded to our request and gave chance of the daughter of recovery and of normal full-fledged life. You do very good work — you help to achieve children's dream. Thanks to that you placed information on my daughter, our request for the help was seen by people, and transferred money for operation and for treatment...

    21.02.2013    Appreciation Letter from Ayaulym Kurbanova’s Family
I would like to thank Alexander Vinokurov, specifically. He helped us to pay for the third surgery. God bless you and let you live for ages, in strong health and happiness. Our family is very happy these days. My daughter plays, grows up, smiles and enjoys life. I and my family are very grateful to those people who helped to get this and helped people in need. You do deserve the honorable «Altyn Zhurek» (Golden Heart) title...
    19.02.2013    Many thanks from the Aliyev family
I would like to thank all the people who were kind enough to help us in these difficult times, days and months of treatment. I would like to wish everyone the main thing which is health.

I wish the best for your families,
For your relatives and close ones.
A mother's bow for your kindness,
To all of you – so many thanks.
For giving us a helping hand,
With open heart,
For not dismissing Yunus,
The kind strangers,
I thank each one of you.
I wish you health,
Which is the main
Ingridient of happiness.
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